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    Open Late Evening Weekends 

    Open Late Evenings & Weekends

    At Sage Hill Dental, we are committed to providing you and your family with the utmost quality of care. We are dedicated to restoring and enhancing your natural smile using approved technology and comprehensive procedures. We are open evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule.

    Emergency Dental 

    Emergency Dental Services

    Utilizing a team approach, our dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and administration staff will work together to comprehensively meet your oral health needs. Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect them. If you are experiencing any pain, swelling, or broken tooth, our dentist in NW Calgary, are just a call away!

    modern dental facility

    Full-Service Family Dental Care

    We are an in-network provider that works with all PPO insurances for the convenience of our patients. If you have questions about this contact our clinic today. We provide a wide range of dental services from kids to seniors. Visit our dentist in Livingston and Carrington, today!

    Full Service Family Dental Care 

    Modern Dental Facility

    Digital x-rays are an approved technology used to take dental x-rays. They are an essential, preventative, diagnostic tool that provides valuable information in detecting dental concerns; with up to 90% less radiation exposure. Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected.


    Welcome to Sage Hill Dental Your Dentist in NW Calgary

    At Sage Hill Dental, we are dedicated to delivering to you and your family with the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Rohit Singla, our NW Calgary dentist, leverages over 12 years of experience and cutting-edge technology to ensure pain-free, minimally invasive procedures that enhance and restore your natural smile. 

    Dr. Rohit Singla accommodates each patient based on their individual preferences. The comfort and trust of our patients mean the world to us, which is why we provide them with a relaxing and safe environment to receive dental care. 

    From kids to seniors, no matter the treatment we go above and beyond to ensure their treatment is personalized to their unique needs. Following a comprehensive consultation, you’re provided with a customized treatment post-consultation, access to the latest dental technology, and a beautiful smile that will go a long way!

    We are open Monday through Sunday (open on alternating Saturdays and Sundays) and provide evening hours to accommodate your busy schedules. You are able to schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you and your families! Come visit or call us at Sage Hill Dental to request an appointment today.

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    Why Choose Sage Hill Dental?

    Family Friendly Dentistry

    Family-Friendly Dentistry

    Our family-friendly dental clinic in NW Calgary was carefully crafted and designed with our patients in mind. Family members of all ages are welcomed and are put at ease when they are greeted by our friendly dental team. We go above and beyond to ensure each member of your family feels comfortable while receiving treatment within our care.

    Complimentary Happy Visits

    Complimentary Happy Visits

    Has your child had their first dental visit yet? Sage Hill Dental Clinic offers complimentary Happy Visits to child patients under age 3. The Happy Visit includes an introduction to Dr. Singla and the team as well as a tour around the clinic and a dental exam. If you’re looking to get your child’s oral health journey started on the right path, contact our dentist near you today.

    Full Service Dental Office

    Full-Service Dental Clinic

    Sage Hill Dental Clinic in NW Calgary provides new and existing patients with a wide range of dental treatments under one roof. From general to cosmetic to surgical dental services, we facilitate all of your oral health needs for your convenience and comfort. Request an appointment with our dental clinic today.

    Complimentary Happy Visits

    Conveniently Located

    Looking for a reliable dentist near Carrington? Come into Sage Hill Dental Clinic. Conveniently located near Walmart in the heart 4 communities – Sage Hill, Kincora, Nolan Hill, and Sherwood – we provide high-quality dentistry to all of our patients in Northwest Calgary. Book an appointment with our dentist near Livingston. Our dentist in NW Calgary looks forward to seeing you!

    Emergency Dental Services

    Walk-Ins & Same-Day Treatment

    Whether it be a broken filling or a tooth that’s hurting too much or a wisdom tooth that’s bothering you, we are equipped to take care it. We don’t promise same-day treatment but we will make every effort to ease your pain on the same day! Contact our Dentist today.

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    Strict Health & Safety Protocol

    We Ensure Our Patients & Staff are Safe

    The team at Sage Hill Dental goes above and beyond to ensure our patients and staff are safe while in our care. We continue to implement strict sanitization policies such as social distancing in-clinic, disinfection of surfaces and visitation rooms, access to sanitizer, as well as PPE worn by the staff. If you have any questions contact our team today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dentists highly recommend wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth and, by extension, preserve the overall health of your smile. You can obtain a custom mouth guard near you at a dental clinic, or you can purchase one at the store. The former is much more durable and will effectively cushion your teeth against any impacts you experience. If you’re looking to get a mouth guard in Calgary, get in touch with us.

    Once you’ve undergone root canal therapy in Northwest Calgary, your mouth will most likely feel numb for a few hours afterward due to the anesthetic that you’ve been given. When it wears off, you may experience some sensitivity and pain but that’s normal. You’ll need to allow the site to heal properly so avoid chewing. Be gentle when brushing around the tooth. If you have questions about NW Calgary root canal therapy, contact us today.

    You can experience Calgary teeth whitening through DIY means, including whitening strips and gels. However, to ensure that the treatment is done safely and is effective, it’s recommended that visit a dentist. The process can be done in a single appointment and your smile can look between 2 to 8 shades brighter. Give us a call to book a Calgary teeth whitening session.

    The general rule of thumb is this: you should come in for a dental cleaning and checkup at least twice a year. This will help your dentist stay on top of any issue that could be potentially harmful to your smile. For your convenience, our Sage Hill dentist is open on Sunday so, if you’re looking to schedule your next appointment, give us a call and we’ll help you get started.

    If you’re in need of emergency dentistry near you, be sure to get to a dental clinic as quickly as you can; the sooner you act, the better the chances that your teeth and gums will fully heal. A Calgary emergency dentist will begin by examining your mouth, taking some x-rays, and asking you about what happened; these actions allow them to suggest the best possible treatment. They’ll be very gentle and make sure you remain comfortable the whole time.

    Your dentist will give you an anesthetic injection before your treatment begins. This numbs your mouth and will last for an hour or two after you’ve received your filling. As a result, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort while your dentist works. If you don’t require more care, be sure to let your dental team know. There are several other sedation dentistry options available to patients receiving dental fillings in NW Calgary.

    You deserve nothing less than quality dental services, but obtaining such treatment, whether it’s an ordinary teeth cleaning, veneers, or a more complex procedure like wisdom tooth extraction, shouldn’t break the bank. At Sage Hill Dental, our dentist in Livingston and Carrington is very happy to offer both brand-new and returning patients affordable dentistry. If you require assistance with your dental insurance or setting up a payment plan that suits your budget, we here to help you with that too.