Weekend Dentist Near You

Finding the time to go to the dentist can often feel like a juggling act; all of us deal with family obligations and jam-packed work schedules on a daily basis, which can lead us to put our oral health on the back burner.

We are all too familiar with this, and that’s why Sage Hill Dental has flexible hours of operation, so that when you need our help, we are there. If you’re tired of Google ‘weekend dentist near me’, we highly encourage you to come into our dental office open on Saturday.

If you have questions and wish to speak to our dentist open on weekends, please give us a call at Sage Hill Dental today.

What is a Weekend Dentist?

As the title clearly indicates, a weekend dentist is a dental professional who provides oral health services on the weekends. Although this may seem uncommon or even unconventional to many of us, in reality, more and more dental offices are offering extended hours to their patients. Most dentists and dental specialists only work 4 days a week in order to eliminate the chances of burnout.

With that said, more and more of those professionals are at their practices on weekends to make it more convenient for their clients. In fact, there are even some dental clinics that specialize in offering Saturday and Sunday hours.

weekend dentist

What Services Can I Receive?

When you come in to see a dentist open on Saturday near you, you’ll be able to obtain the precise form of treatment that you need; the day doesn’t play a role in the types and methods of treatment that are available. It is a wise idea, however, to call ahead of time and speak with a staff member to confirm that you will be able to receive the care you’re looking for; otherwise, you may need to book an appointment at a later date or visit another dentist office open on Saturday.

Outlined below are just some of the processes and procedures that weekend dentists can provide:

  • Dental prosthetics – This may entail installing a brand-new filling or dental crown, or replacing one that’s been damaged.
  • Emergencies – You don’t need an appointment to come in for emergency dental care. Some of the most common emergencies that weekend dentists deal with are knocked-out teeth, bleeding, root canal therapy, and severe toothaches.
  • Tooth extractions.
  • A routine checkup and cleaning – These are arguably two of the most popular services performed on weekends since there is often few opportunities for many of us to see a dentist during the week thanks to parental duties and rigid work hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that some dental offices may charge more to receive treatment on the weekend as opposed to on a weekday. For patients who have insurance coverage, this may not be an issue, but everyone’s situation is different. So, calling ahead and speaking with a staff member prior to coming in for a visit is a wise step.

How to Find a Weekend Dentist

If you’re on the hunt for a dentist open Sunday, look no further than Sage Hill Dental! Alongside offering evening hours 4 days a week, we are also open until 4 P.M. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our friendly staff, comprised of dentists, hygienists, and administrative staff, are all standing by to assist you and your family with all your oral health endeavors. We will help you schedule an appointment on a day that works for you – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday, Wednesday, or a Saturday.

You deserve to have a beautifully functioning smile, and shouldn’t feel pressured to push off receiving the attention you need

Give us a call at (587) 327-6712, send us an email, or drop by our location at 49 Sage Hill Passage NW to get started with this. We can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your unique dental journey!