Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants: Which One is Right for You?

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Which dental surgery should you choose if your goal is to restore your teeth’s function and appearance? Is it dental implants or dental bridges near you? The decision usually comes down to lifespan, cost, and how much invasiveness you are ready to undergo for your restorative operation because both techniques are very successful. 

What’s a Dental Bridge?  

As the name suggests, a dental bridge “bridges” the gap between teeth caused by a tooth that is missing. Since the restoration must be secured to one or more nearby teeth, your dentist will need to file those teeth down so they can serve as a back support. Like implants, bridges cannot replace your tooth’s root. Instead, dentists attach a crown to one or more of your neighboring teeth as a buttress to bridge the gap left by the missing tooth.

Depending on the patient’s demands, a bridge can restore one to four teeth. In some uncommon circumstances, that treatment can replace four teeth at a time, however, you should have healthy teeth available to link the dental crowns.

What’s a Dental Implant?

Dental implants may be your best option if you have periodontal disease, an injury, or another reason for a missing tooth or teeth. A titanium post that functions as the tooth root in a dental implant supports a crown.

The implant will be surgically placed by your dentist, who will then fuse it to your jawbone to secure it in place. After the fusing procedure is complete, the dentist fastens an abutment to the post frame, which sticks out above your gum line and creates a space for the dental crown to be screwed or cemented into. Reach out to us if you want a dentist Sunday open

What are Some Differences Between a Dental Bridge and an Implant?

The goal of these dental treatments is to restore your teeth’s appearance and functionality. And both are excellent at it. So, the decision between the two is frequently based on price and convenience. 

You may find that a dental bridge is a better option if:

  • You don’t want to have surgery: Installing a bridge does not qualify as surgery, unlike receiving a dental implant. While you are under anesthesia, your dentist only needs to file down your nearby teeth so they may bond more firmly to your dental bridge. This avoids the need to drill a titanium screw into your gum. 
  • You’re looking for a dental repair technique that will cost even less money: Dental bridges are less expensive than dental implants. A dental bridge normally costs a few hundred dollars less because it does not involve surgery. 
  • You have jaw damage: You might not have a choice if your jaw is not in good condition. As a dental implant requires osseointegration, a dental bridge would be the only viable alternative. 

A dental implant might be the better option if:

  • You’re looking for a more long-lasting solution: A dental implant can last a lifetime with the right care, but a dental bridge needs to be updated every 10 to 15 years. 
  • Safeguarding your jawbone: The jaw vulnerable to degeneration because a dental bridge does not substitute the tooth’s root. With implants, this is not a concern because they can fuse with the jawbone, strengthening it as a result. 
  • You are missing many adjacent teeth: You will be forced to consider dental implants if your dentist is unable to find two appropriate teeth that can act as anchors for your dental bridge. 

What Costs More: An Implant or a Bridge?

In the long run, dental implants are far more cost-effective than bridges and are also excellent for your oral health. The high cost that is typically associated with implant surgery is due to the fact that they typically survive longer than bridges.

Reach Out to Our Dentist! 

While a dental implant costs more, it is permanent, whereas a dental bridge is less expensive but does not last as long. You should always see our dentist in NW Calgary before selecting your restoration device because certain patients may skew one way or the other due to specific health conditions.

There is no better place than Sage Hill Dental to make your choice. The competence and knowledge required to determine and carry out the best dental restoration technique for you are available from our Calgary dentists.