Stop Making These Mistake When You Brush Your Teeth

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Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, and maintaining healthy teeth is crucial for a radiant grin. Yet, despite our best intentions, we often make mistakes while brushing our teeth that can undermine our dental hygiene efforts.

Here are the most common missteps in regard to this practice and how you can rectify them for a healthier, brighter smile.

1. Rushing Through Brushing

Time is a precious commodity, but your dental hygiene routine shouldn’t suffer for it. Many of us spend less than the recommended two minutes brushing our teeth. Inadequate brushing leaves behind plaque, leading to cavities and gum disease. Set a timer or play a song to ensure you spend the full two minutes cleaning your teeth.

2. Using the Wrong Brushing Technique

Ask any dentist near Carrington and he will agree that brushing harder doesn’t mean brushing better. Aggressive brushing can erode enamel, damage gums, and cause tooth sensitivity. Instead, use gentle, circular motions at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. This technique effectively removes plaque without harming your teeth and gums.

3. Neglecting Your Tongue and Inner Cheeks

Your teeth aren’t the only oral cavity residents needing attention. Bacteria linger on the tongue and inner cheeks, contributing to bad breath and oral health issues. After brushing your teeth, gently brush your tongue and the insides of your cheeks or use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria and food particles.

4. Not Changing Your Toothbrush Regularly

Each dentist in NW Calgary will tell you that an old, frayed toothbrush is less effective at cleaning your teeth. Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three to four months or sooner if the bristles appear worn. A fresh brush ensures optimal cleaning and prevents bacterial buildup.

5. Skipping Flossing and Mouthwash

Brushing alone doesn’t cover all bases. Flossing removes plaque and food particles between teeth, which your toothbrush can’t reach. Mouthwash further cleanses your mouth and helps reduce bacteria. Integrate both into your routine for comprehensive oral care. Skipping flossing and mouthwash might keep you away from dental cleanings consultation for a while.

6. Brushing Immediately After Eating

Contrary to popular belief, brushing right after consuming acidic foods or drinks can harm enamel. Acid softens the enamel, and brushing immediately afterward can erode it. Instead, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing to allow your saliva to neutralize acids and protect your enamel.

7. Ignoring the Importance of Proper Brushing Tools

Toothbrushes come in various shapes and sizes, and selecting the right one matters. Choose a brush with soft bristles and a size that comfortably fits your mouth. Electric toothbrushes with oscillating heads can also provide more thorough cleaning compared to manual brushing. You can go for dental cleanings near you and ask your hygienist about proper brushing tools for future use.

8. Overlooking Regular Dental Checkups

Even with impeccable oral care at home, regular dental checkups near you are crucial. Your weekend dentist can identify issues early, perform professional cleanings, and offer personalized advice for maintaining optimal oral health.

Ask Us; We are Here to Help!

Achieving excellent dental hygiene isn’t just about the act of brushing; it’s about brushing right. By avoiding these common mistakes and adopting proper brushing techniques, you can safeguard your smile and promote better oral health. Remember, consistency and attention to detail are key in nurturing a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Brushing the teeth with braces requires some practice. After some practice, it will grow into second nature, but if you still have any concerns, please get in touch with Sage Hill Dental Clinic. Our staff will be happy to give you a demonstration if needed. We look forward to seeing you!