Top 9 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted

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1. Teeth Whitening will ruin your teeth.

A very common misunderstanding about teeth whitening is that it ruins your teeth with time. There have been misconceptions that whitening your teeth will ruin their protective enamel layer. Teeth whitening products used by dental professionals have Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as their main active ingredient. Compared to other acidic products in the teeth whitening market, these chemicals do not damage teeth when used correctly.

2. Teeth whitening will always increase teeth sensitivity.

Whitening products, when used correctly, should not cause harmful side effects. Some patients, however, might start experiencing tooth sensitivity after this treatment. It is important to consult with your dentist if you are a candidate for teeth whitening treatments. If you have underlying sensitivity issues or other oral health concerns, consult with a dentist near you to see if teeth whitening is suited to your smile or not.

3. Light accelerators don’t work for teeth whitening.

They work in most cases. Studies have shown that using an accelerator light when performing teeth whitening treatments allowed for faster oxygenation of the whitening gel. The up-to-date LED technology used by dentists offers different lights to the dental industry, which can be used to support teeth whitening.

At-home whitening kits often come with light accelerators that do not offer the same results as ones used in a professional environment. Our clinic always recommends booking a professional teeth whitening service near you to assure your teeth are being treated correctly and avoid any issues while whitening.

4. Every whitening gel is the same.

There are two main types of whitening gel, those containing Hydrogen Peroxide and those with Carbamide Peroxide. Both create the same active ingredient in treatment; however, Carbamide Peroxide acts slower and is usually recommended alongside a light accelerator. Some clinics might only offer one of the two alternatives.

5. Teeth whitening looks the same for everyone.

Every tooth is different. The condition of your teeth, to begin with, can determine how efficiently our treatment will work. To start, ensure you take care of your oral health by keeping up with routine visits to the dentist and keeping good oral hygiene at home. For the best results, we also recommend avoiding products, drinks and foods that will leave harsh stains on your teeth or generate tooth sensitivity.

6. Over-the-counter whitening products don’t work.

Although our clinic recommends booking with a professional dentist near you for the best results, this does not necessarily mean at-home treatments don’t work. Dentists will generally achieve quicker results due to their ability to use advanced technology and products. Make sure you are buying products with safe ingredients for your teeth.

7. Teeth whitening is too expensive.

This is not necessarily true. Over-the-counter products can be cheaper but will not achieve the same result as professional teeth whitening treatments. This procedure will provide the best results for your smile and reduce the cost of continuously buying products that offer teeth whitening products.

8. You need a specific teeth whitening tray to achieve good results.

Ideally, using a mouthguard that fits your teeth properly will allow the gel to be set evenly. Mouthguards should also sit comfortably on your teeth, especially for longer treatment. Customized mouth trays are always the best option; however, they are not entirely necessary for teeth whitening, and there are other options.

9. Patients with dental crowns can’t get teeth whitening procedures.

Whitening gels are typically made for natural teeth and will not generate the same result on artificial material. We recommend patients whiten their natural teeth before applying dental crowns. The dentist can then match the crown to the already whitened smile.

Teeth Whitening in Evanston

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment offered by many dentists in NW Calgary. This procedure will improve the appearance of your teeth and help enhance your natural smile. Sage Hill Dental offers this procedure to eligible candidates and ensures your smile is treated with the utmost care by our professionals. To know more about teeth whitening please visit our dental clinic in Calgary today.